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Top Quality Medicine is your online shop for medical and practice supplies with a great selection of articles. Below you will find top brands and manufacturers such as Littmann, Heine, BBraun, Boso, Soehnle, BSN and our in-house brand DocCheck. Equip yourself with practice supplies and practice accessories such as stethoscopes, otoscopes, blood pressure monitors, disposable instruments or treatment tables. You can buy all products for medical needs online in the Top Quality Medicine Shop. If you cannot find your medical accessories or if you have any questions, you will receive answers and contact details in our Contact & Help Center.

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The quality of the products that you can buy in the DocCheck Shop is our top priority. We want to offer you and your patients only the best! We provide all articles for your practice and medical needs while maintaining the highest quality and service standards. As a certified dealer, for example the branded stethoscopes from 3M Littmann, we offer you in the DocCheck Shop all products for your practice needs guaranteed in original quality. We attach great importance to always being able to offer you the best price-performance ratio. In addition, the DocCheck Shop regularly offers you unbeatable bargains in the DocCheck Shop Sale. Here you will find discounts and special offers with attractive discounts on your practice and medical needs.


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On our website you will find professional information on the subject of health – written in an understandable way.

The term sanitary is derived from Sanitas and means nothing other than healthy. And that is exactly what a medical supply store does – our goal is your health. Therefore, in addition to the online shop Sanihaus, we offer an extensive knowledge lexicon, the SaniWiki. Of course we can simply provide you with bandages or stockings, but only those who understand the disease and therapy will be successful. On Top Quality Medicine we explain common clinical pictures and injuries.

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